Hee Ran Lee
50 Bulbs (Chicago, 2016)
As part of Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival at Defibilirator in Chicago

<50 Bulbs> consists of a performance event and installation, all of which grew out of the exploration of the insecurity, and it creates a precarious moment and space by active participations of the audience and materials considered to be fragile and delicate.

Fifty general bulbs are hung together from the center of the ceiling in a dark space. The performance is completed by the presence of live audiences. In the beginning of the performance, the performer hands over each bulb to the audience, and let them hold it for a while. This situation enhances the tension and emphasizes the insecurity of the space. The audience members recognize this tensions immediately, and this impact how they act through the situation and engage with the performance work by throwing the bulbs to the performer.

Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, June 2, 2016